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Kingdom Exterminating is owned and operarted by veteran technician Christopher Komarow. Chris has over 25 years in the pest control industry and has had the privelige of helping three other pest control companies build their businesses and reputations. We pride ourselves in providing a results based approach to solving most any pest issue in homes, businesses and enviornments.  

Kingdom Exterminating is fully licensed and insured to provide all general pest and termite control services. Kingdom is a purpose driven, mission focused company committed to protecting investments, quality of life and helping people.

Our Services

Kingdom Exterminating is committed to serving Lancaster and York Counties with top-notch service and dedication to excellence.

Bed Bug Control

Kingdom is highly skilled at inspecting, assessing, treating and preventing bed bug infestations for both residential and commercial purposes. 

Termite Control

Kingdom provides both residential and commercial property inspections and treatments for real estate transactions. We also perform reactionary and preventative liquid treatments, including pre-construction and post contruction applications. We also provide WDI Reports for both real estate sales and refis. 

General Pest Control

Kingdom offers a variety of general pest control programs, ranging from monthy applications to one time treatments. Our programs are based on the individual needs of our clients, including reactionary and preventative control for both residential and commercial settings. 

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Our History

Company owner, Chris has over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry and has had the opportunity to train over 50 technicians in his career and has worked with several dozen more. Chris has also had the privilege of holding the senior technician position for three individual pest control companies while providing training and developing treatment plans and standard operations procedures.

Our Mission

Kingdom Exterminating is on mission to protect families and businesses from predatory industry practices by providing the public with realistic expectations, real results and top-notch value for their dollar. We pride ourselves in helping people rid their homes, businesses and environments of destructive and pesky insects and rodents.

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